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i was babysitting a little boy and girl once and the boy asked me if i had a boyfriend and i said “no!! but i have a girlfriend!” and he said “like a friend thats a girl?” and i said “no like a boyfriend but they’re a girl instead of a boy! we still do couple things but we’re just both girls” and he said, without missing a beat, “oh ok! are you gonna marry her?”

like it’s literally that easy for kids to understand

Children > Adults

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my life is embarrassing in general but the worst thing that comes to mind is homecoming my senior year of high school

i went to the best worst school ever which has since been shut down, but we had this tradition during homecoming where each class picked a theme and then decorated their hallway to match that theme and dressed as their theme and made a throne for their royalty as that theme

so my senior year our theme was cops and robbers, which was kind of dumb because there isn’t much to do with it but we like built a fake police float and decorated our hallway with cheesy badges and streamers and shit

and my senior year i was nominated to homecoming royalty, but i didn’t think anything would come of it and i am an asshole so thought it would be hilarious to dress up as a stereotypical male cop

which was hilarious until the homecoming royalty announcements were made and i found out that i actually won homecoming queen

so i had to be crowned, ascend the stage, and be memorialized in the yearbook, all while looking like this: